THE MATH: (Mercury + Leo) INCONJUNCT (Neptune Rx + Pisces) = Way. I jump


Mercury writes back

to Neptune…

"People like to do things
the right Way.  I do

most things, the wrong
Way.  I jump

with no net, even
though I mean to bring it.

 I mend the parachute
while I'm opening it.  I leave,

and I don't know wHere
I'm going.  "Well you sound calm,"

people tell me, when I tell them,
I've done it again.  I end up

somewHere different from
wHere I was.  I alWays come out

a little changed,
as I synthesize experience.

I climb through
an obstacle course

no One can See.
They just See me

doing backflips, or falling
through the Air, grasping

at the trapeze, in a flea circus.
I am dear

to my friends, because of this.
And in the end, I end

up somewHere, and people say,
"Wow.  You could have just walked

tHere." But Now I know
how to leap, and be

with the discomfort
of the wrongness of things.

And its OK, if All
they See is entertainment."

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