THE MATH: (True Lilith ENTERS Leo) = a ‘Let go and let GXD’ Story


Lilith calls Mercury

as she cruises

into his neighborhood…

Once I met a man, named Bill,
at a tire repair shop.  He was 45.
He told me he had my exact

truck, but in white, and All
in pieces.  "I've got a set
of tires, if you want to

come See them."  I said,
"I bet you have a bunch
of things I might need."

And he smiled, but
I wasn't flirting on purpose,
I was just being sincere.

He told me, his ex-girlfriend
looks just like me, but
she's my evil twin.  I told him,

"I have a Handiboi in my inbox
who calls me a daemon,
so I wouldn't be so sure

she is the evil One."
I spent 8 hours with Bill,
that Day.  I looked at his birth

chart, while he took off my
truck's rusting front grill.
We talked about All

kinds of things.  He said,
"I'm attracted to you."
I said, "I know.

It's my Daddy issues,
but I'm basically a nun."
We left it tHere.  He has his

Uranus, conjunct his North
Node, in Scorpio.  I told him,
"You find yourSelves

in these, 'Let go and let GXD'
situations."  And he began
to cry, as he told me of the Times

he nearly died.  Once,
he was swimming in the Ocean,
too far out, and a little drunk.

The current wouldn't let him
back in.  He was getting tired,
and no One could See him

drowning.  He was sure
he was going to die,
as his daughters played

on the beach.  When suddenly,
the tow pushed him back
to shore.  He was

large-Hearted.  When he hugged me
goodbye, he gently cupped the back
of my head, like I was sacred,

and breakable..." Lilith trails off.
"What's your point, caller?"
asks Mercury.  Lilith shrugs,

"I just thought it might be
helpful for you to hear
a 'Let go and let GXD' Story."

"And wHere is Bill Now?"
asks Mercury.  "I never saw
him again," Lilith says,

"He was the kind of man
who could appreciate
a once-in-a-LifeTime

encounter, without grasping
at it.  But I imagine, HandiBill
is taking care of the people

he Loves.  He's a Leo."

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