THE MATH: (Mars + Uranus + N. Node CONJUNCT Taurus) SQUARE (Saturn Rx + Aquarius) = He also says, curvy


…Mars calls Time-Daddy

for advice. Saturn does not

pick up. Mars leaves

a message…

"You're never really
waiting.  You're just not

doing, what Other
people think you should

be doing, with your Time.
I wonder what I am

working towards...
I wouldn't say

I am without a goal.
I would just say,

I haven't Seen it
in a while.  The last

Time, I had a goal,
it was a dream

that crushed me.
The stoics say,

to work without a goal
is a waste of Time.

Jordan B. Peterson says,
pick One thing, and work

really hard at it, and See
what happens.

He also says, curvy
women aren't beautiful.

The nymphs in my head
would beg to differ,

but they aren't beggars.
Who should I take

my advice from?  The Buddha,
golfing in the park?

The laundromat attendant
says, use the dryer

on the left.  That's practical.
I can apply advice like that.

I think  I am probably
just working on being


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