THE MATH: (True Lilith + Leo) TRINE (Jupiter Rx + Aries) = idea. Once, I dated


…Lili di’ Amore speaks…

 If you never ask
the woman out,
you can never fail

at Love.  It's a nice
idea.  Once,  I dated
a man, from Alabama.

I liked his drawl,
and the Way he kissed
me, like he was

hungry.  He asked me
to go to a wedding
with him.  "I think

my friends would be
proud of me, to have you
on my arm."  Like I was

a trophy.  He was a Leo.
I said OK, and then
I thought about it,

and I said no.  He told me,
I was a waste of Time.
Last year, I ran into him

at a coffee shop.  I was
walking my sister's dog.
Uranus was

square Venus that Day,
so, I wasn't surprised,
but he was.

The Night before,
he fought with his Now

"I said some brutal things,
and she poured a bag
of dogfood, All over

my bedroom floor."
He started crying.
He said, "I'm sorry.

I alWays cry, when I talk
to you."  I said,  "It's fine.
Everybody does."

We walked our pups
around the block.
I said, "You know,

I get angry too."  He laughed,
and said, "I know, and I'm sorry
for what I said to you."

I wanted him to stop
apologizing, so I said,
"It's OK."  And he wanted

to See me again, so
he asked me if he could.
But forgiveness

isn't the same,
as wanting to try

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