THE MATH: (Lilith STATIONS Rx Leo) = “But I don’t want to


Lilith puts both feet,

on either side of the Ocean

Door-frame, as Venus

tries to tug her through it…

"But I don't want to
go back, into Cancer,"
Lilith whines.

"Hard cheese," Venus growls,
"As Our Father would say.
You're going

to be doing this
dance, in and out
of Leo for a while,

so get used to it."
"What if I just stay
in the Mean of things?"

Lilith asks.  "Then you are
definitely going to be
stuck in Cancer," Venus laughs

cruelly.  Lilith pouts,
"But I like it in Leo.
I get along

with men, Here."
Venus smiles, and pats her
on the head, "Only the True

you, gets to be the Lover
currently.  Relax,
you'll be back in Leo

by the end
of the month, after
you pick a few more


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