THE MATH: (True Lilith + Leo) TRINE (Jupiter Rx + Aries) = Water is gold.”


…Lilith writes in the morning…

The GXDZ sent me to a hostel
wHere I met a Taurus, who left
my same city, a Moon before me.

He wanders, looking
for his next landing,
but he's got his shit together.

He wants to buy a house.
He's hit All the same cities
as me, and then some.

I listened to him explicate
his practical approach to home
finding.  I thirstily lapped up

his knowledge, because that is
not how my brain works.
"So anyWay, enough

about me.  What are you
looking for?"  He asked me.  I shrugged,
and I told him, "I don't know,

Water."  He laughed, "Its refreshing
to hear someOne else,
just admit it."  And he told me

which cities will have Water,
and which Ones sit on dwindling
aquifers, and which Ones

are fighting over the drying
Rivers they share.  "The West,
is going down for sure.

Water is gold."
I sighed and said,
"I know it is."

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