THE MATH: (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) TRINE (Mars + Taurus) = expect Magick to come


Pluto calls

Mars, with his advice…

"It is usually in my most dire
moments, that the most wonderful
Magick aligns.  I have learned this

enough Times, that I welcome
the Dark.  Chew me up,
and poop me out.

I don't know wHere
I belong, but the Universe
does.  So I attempt to do

as little as I can, when I want to
change Life.  If I grasp at straws
when I'm being digested,

All I am doing, is clawing
at the walls of a great belly,
that has no intentions

of letting me out
the Way I came.  SomeTimes,
I claw anyWay, but I do not

expect Magick to come
from this.  I set my expectations
low, for the events

I make mySelves, knowing
they are pit stops
-like the 2nd compartment

of a cow stomach.  I turn
into the straw itSelf, ripped out
of the field, between

the teeth of a bovine.
I release into the knowing
I've got another belly or two

to move through."

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