THE MATH: (Venus + Cancer) SEXTILE (Mars + Taurus) = enjoy the aquatics,


Venus finds music,

in the park…

"There's Nothing quite like
dancing with a young vibrant
gay man, as a white

witch.  You're safe,
because he doesn't want
to touch you, but he wants to

dance his ass off.
And you're safer, because
everyOne around you,

thinks he is touching you,
so they leave you alOne.
You are temporarily owned

by someOne who has
no interest in owning you.
It is a freedom few know

how to appreciate.  He is
oblivious of his own
Power, Loved by everyOne

in the crowd, no matter what
their race or background.
He trusts, because he has not been

betrayed yet.  It makes them smile.
And they tolerate the mysterious
woman, who makes her own pants,

covered in tattoos, and shining
dark, keeping him
going, with a shimmy Here

and tHere.  It's a good pair.
They Love you, by proximity,
to the young white Adonis,

with the charming
accent, who does not know
his freedom because he is

a tourist in your country,
experiencing the South
for the first Time.  He wishes

his youth will become
as interesting as the stories
he hears about you hitch-hiking,

oblivious to the danger
of being a woman.  As the Night
progresses, he becomes

the 'woo-girl', and you
dance in his shadow,
without having to protect him

from predators, creeping
on the perimeter, waiting
to see if he stumbles

and falls into a shady corner,
because he's passable
for straight, with you

by his side.  It's a symbiotic
relationship, like a shark
and a remora fish.  You just 

enjoy the aquatics,
of a good

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