THE MATH: (Vesta Rx + Pisces) INCONJUNCT (True Lilith Rx + Leo) = emojis. You do not become


Lilith calls Vesta

as she reads her riddle…

"Do you think you've reached
10,000 hours yet?" Lilith asks.
Vesta shrugs,  "I have no idea

how many hours
I have scribbled,
telling Stories to mySelves.

You do not become
a Master, at writing.
Style, is subjective.

You can develop yours,
like a microwaved goldfish
sprouting legs,

but no One cares,
if you are good.  They care
if you are saying

something they can relate to,
and then they reinforce
what they think

they hear, with little Heart
emojis.  You do not become
a Master, at writing."

"Has anyone told you,
you are kind of Dark,
lately?" Lilith whispers.

Vesta leans in,
whispering back, "Not yet,
but it's not my goldfish."

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