THE MATH: (Venus + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = a Master.”


Persephone goes to See,

Bernini’s Kore…

"For some, the Dark
shines brighter than
the Light.  We walk

backwards, or in
the wrong
direction, turned

around from the glare
toward which the many
go...  The glory

on the stage.  I shine
below.  Their floors
are my rafters.

They dance a jig
upon their risers,
and Dust falls

down, into
my hair, like cinder
-ella.  I

have alWays been
a cave
-dweller, but no One

knows much, of that
Story.  They like
to tell me, I was

captured.  They have
carved his fingers,

into the marble
flesh of my thighs.
They want me

to tell the Tale
of helpless Pain, as their
pupils dilate.  I have Seen

that girl, in my own 
eyes. I remain 

I am more inclined
to believe, I, the Destroyer,
made that man

a Master."

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