THE MATH: (Mercury + Virgo) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = found it. I do it, whether


Uranus asks Mercury

what he wants to be,

when he grows up…

"If you asked me
what I wanted to be
when I was 3, the answer
would have been, a cleaning

person.  Attribute it to
my Moon in Virgo.
I like to arrange
and re-arrange, and make

space sparkle.  I am
good at it, but
it is a gamble.  People
either Love, when you

touch All their shit,
and make it better,
or they really wish
 you didn't.  It isn't

too hard, to make an
accurate guess of which
kind of person you are
dealing with.  And when

they say, "No One
has ever done anything
like this for me
before," and look down

at their neatly arranged
Sea shells in awe, you know
you've found the golden
ticket.  This is a Way

I know how to care
for people, and leave
Life better than I
found it.  I do it, whether

I stay for a week,
or a year, but to be honest,
I do it for mySelf.
Dead Space gives me anxiety.

There is a difference,
between inside dirt
and outside dirt.
I don't know anything

about Feng Shui,
I just know
the Way arrangement
of matter makes me

feel.  And while
I'm Here, we might
as Well let me Live
my childhood dream."

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