THE MATH: (Juno Rx + Pisces) INCONJUNCT (Sun + Leo) = web. I can admire


…Arachne advises Sunny

on how to move, in

the Fire-zone…

"tHere is no point
in arguing with an activated
trauma response.  It will

find fuel, in anything
you say, as it cooks the person
it possesses into hysteria.

Some people have very open
minds.  When activated, their trauma
catches Word, like flies-

like food for thought.
They spit your Word back
at you, in new Ways, until you are

caught in their confused
web.  I can admire
creativity, but the best

thing to do, is to stop
squirming.  Let the spider bite you,
but give it Nothing

to oppose.  The possessed
begin to hear their responses'
own absurdities, echoing

along the threads, as they wrap you
up in them.  Remember, the sarcophagus 
they make for you, is fragile silk.

Nothing can bind you, and you do
not need to struggle free
of your mummification, to escape it.

They bare their fangs,
because they do not
want to face their delusion.

They are fighting their own
 daemons, in your reflection.
Some people say retreat

is cruel, and cold.  It might be,
but it forces the possessed
and possessor to communicate.

And what action could really be
of service to a manic spider? 
To absorb their Pain?  Or let their Poison

find its Way out of their body?
I speak from a wound that I know
Well.  I have been the spider

more than once.  And the spider
does not need to be
saved by you, Lion Heart,

no matter how they cry
and yell.  Waking up
just hurts.  It is

the rite of birth,
and it is good
and Well." 
"One Day, voracious anger
preyed upon her.  It cooked

her mind into wanton hysteria.
Now wanting gnaws that All

sparrows should suffer.
It grayed all tastes,

just power would appease her.
Her body boils

wrathful passion, distilling
poison with each breath.

As suitors soar to Dae,
they're sworn to doom.

Her weapon: Exhaled Death."

-The Oracle of Passeridae

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