THE MATH: (Sun + Leo) INCONJUNCT (Juno Rx + Pisces) = Fire -gathered


Sunny shrugs

Arachne off…

"I am a magnet
for the low.
I am a place wHere

the wounded come,
like a Temple,
or a dumpster

Fire -gathered
'round by drunks.
I am the One, tending

the hearth, listening
to the Story run.
Trusting the Ones

who are 'not good'
to find their Way.
Fierce in my Love,

and in wHere
my tolerance ends.
I am the safe

Space that holds a burning
boundary, consistently
predictable, for the One

who believes the World is
her enemy.  SomeTimes she
claws, but she returns

to me, like a cat
who has not known
kindness.  I am the judge

without a judgement."

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