THE MATH: (Venus + Ceres CONJUNCT Leo) = goodNight.


…Persephone Speaks…

"I have never wanted
to be a mother, but
the children of the Under

-World continue to tell
me, I have a motherly
quality, so feminine.  I keep

reminding her, "I am not
your mother."  I refuse
to tell her what is

best for her, or what to do.
I think this helps her find it.
She makes her own

mistakes, and cries
to me of what she wants
to change.  Mostly,

I just tell her that I know
what it is like, to be
at the bottom, and she is

going to be OK.
The proof, for her, is in
the Way I glow,  "You are

so beautiful.  Any man
would be Lucky, to have you.
Why are you single?

You could be a model."
I told her I don't seek
a man, but I am not opposed

to stumbling into One.
That Night, I looked
at pictures of my form

two years ago.  I was
dull eyed, sallow, and sunken.
I wish I could explain

to her, what revival is
like: First, the Death.
But the static of the Under

World, makes it so
she cannot hear me.  Her eyes
cloud over, any Time I try.

So I tell her the basics,
"For three years, I allowed
no man, to enter my body.

For three years, I starved
until I learned to feed
mySelves.  And Now

I'm whole.  And the next
Time, I choose a man
it will not be

because of a Love I cannot
give mySelves.
It will be

because I have extra.
And in the mean
Time, I write

my Way."
I hand her a Doom
Diary, and kiss her


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