THE MATH: (Sun + Leo) TRINE (Moon + Aries) = “But what if


Sunny and Moonie

sit at the dinner

table, and talk about

what they learned at school…

"We consider inconjuctions
to be noisy, minor
aspects.  tHere are enough
others to read.

Pay less
attention to them,"
Sunny recites.  Moonie furrows,
"But what if

you want to See
what is hidden?
Haven't you ever
noticed, how creative

people have a lot
of them?  -They shimmer,
out of focus..."
Moonie drifts.  Sunny sighs,

"It's an interesting observation,
Moonchild.  You are welcome
to research them, but try not to
get lost."  Moonie shrugs,

"That's what we have Vesta for."
"But Vesta hasn't organized us,
by aspect," Sunny frowns.
"Well that sounds

like an overSight, of the Library,"
Moonie smiles, "She's got
a lot of inconjunctions
in her birth chart."

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