THE MATH: (Moon + N. Node + Uranus CONJUNCT Taurus) = the beLoved who believes,


…Destiny speaks…

"My Love, is experimental,
and so far, my experiments tend
to work.  The Secret:
Allow people to be themSelves,

and they stop
struggling.  See the Heart
in a soul, and you have
a friend for Life.  They begin

to hunger after their own
image.  Bolster
the Dream that is dreaming
them, and they begin to Live

it.  It is everyDay
Magick.  And soon,
you will be in
your bedroom, minding

your own business,
when you hear a voice,
call out to you, thanking you,
as you do Nothing.

"For what?" you ask.
"The encouragement,"
returns to you.
A wise man I know

says, "Respect, is All
a person needs."  He also
says, "You shouldn't need
people to believe in you."

But I say, if you can be
the beLoved who believes,
you can move
a mountain."

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