THE MATH: (Vesta Rx re-Enters Aquarius) = myth. AND THEN, you battle


…Vesta click and clacks,

on the outer rim

of Space…

 Saturn tries to act
casual, but he's eager
to See his arch-nemesis

lover-girl, "Read any good
books, lately, Vesta?"
Saturn asks her.

"Just a bunch of fucking 
Doctors, telling me what I am
already doing, AGAIN," Vesta glowers,

kicking Space Dust. "How intriguing,"
Saturn leads, as he watches specks
fly off, "Tell me more."

Vesta holds up,
'Personal Mythology',
by David Feinstein, and Stanley Krippner.

"I'm only in the forward,"
V admits, "But Dr.
June Singer summarizes

the recipe.  First, you discover
your myth.  AND THEN,
you discover, your counter

myth.  AND THEN, you battle
it out, in the courtrooms of ritual,
but she doesn't call it that,

she calls it- 'Revisioning
obstacles to harmony
as opportunities for growth.'

AND THEN, you test your insights
by putting them into action.
AND THEN, you 'Weave

the new mythology, into Life,'
Vesta ends, gloomily.
Saturn smiles, charmed

by V, "So what's the problem?
It sounds like you are
right on track."  "The problem,

is that I only ever find
the guidebooks, after
I find the solutions.  I alWays

have to go the long
Way," Vesta tosses the book
into the Void.  "Maybe you

should read more," Saturn shrugs.
"Maybe YOU, should INSTRUCT ME,"
Vesta comes as close

to yelling as she knows
how to.  "So what are you?"
Saturn redirects, "The myth,

or the counter myth?"
"I think Lilith is probably the myth,
and I am the counter.  But then what

about Persephone?  And Athena? 
And Medusa? That's the problem,
Saturn," Vesta pulls at her hair,

"I've got too many
of them. I am
just the Librarian."

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