THE MATH: (Mercury + Virgo) TRINE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = as green as the rain


Mercury pulls a soft and heavy

story, from the shelves

of the Library, and begins

to read…

"Chapter 1

These mountains are
the oldest, in
the World," Pluto says,

as he walks
behind me.  I smile,
"That must be why

they feel so soft," I say
as I reach out for a fern.
I wonder as we weave

our Way, under mountain
laurels -dark twisting staffs
along our path.  We pass below

their canopy, to wander 
towards the spring-head.
Water, trickling

off moss, seeping from
a mountain crack.  "You can
drink that,"

he nods, with eyes
as green as the rain
forest we are

cocooned in.
There is a Magick
sleep, Here.  I take it

to my lips,
and enter into
fae lands..."

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