THE MATH: (Sun + Leo) OPPOSITE (Vesta Rx + Aquarius) = cum, in an email,


…Sunny fucks ’em…

"For the man who alWays believes
my writing is about him, when
it hardly ever is:  This Time,

it is.  Welcome, to clarity.
If you don't like what you
read Here, the option

is alWays yours.  Remove
yourSelves.  Why can't you
walk a Way?  What is it

in you, that makes you
stay?  Do you hear
a lick of Truth, tickling

at the backs of your ears
in what is said?  The meaning
does not come from me.

No one ever takes me,
for what it is I mean.
It is your own

subconscious, aching
with your Story.
Listen to it.

I try my best, not to
entice you.  I no longer
even give you a name.

You are a man,
without a character.  You are
a hungry ghost.  You are welcome

to be a shadow Here.  Please,
keep reading my 'incessant
whining,' if it helps you

cum, in an e-mail,
so you can better
sleep at Night."

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