THE MATH: (Mercury + Taurus) TRINE (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = fall, because I asked


Mercury curls up,

in a Dusty corner

of the Library, and keeps

reading, the soft and heavy


"Chapter 3

Pluto picks me up again,
and takes me
to the Water

fall, because I asked
him to.  There is a rope
you have to climb

if you want to slide
down.  I follow him up.
I come home, kissed

by the Sun, with bruising
knees, from fumbling
over slick stones,

in strong currents.
I laugh.  I Love
cold Water,

and the Magick fall,
belonging to another
Time.  We climb

up, just to go back
down again.  We plunge
into the icy

because I want to
be a part of it."
"Chapter 4

but embodied.

Mycelium, like tongues.
Synapses, sparked.

I am gazing
at the Word, on

the page, but elsewHere- in
your bed, breathing

deeply, but not

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