THE MATH: (Mercury ENTERS Libra) = a patient Serpent


…Mercury names the nameless

as he leaves the Library,

returning the soft and heavy

tome to the shelf,

for someOne else to find…

"I don't need to look
at his birth chart to know,
but I will eventually.

It is the Persephonic
state of mind, that tells
me what myth we are

activating- and the Way
Minthe hangs around...
 It makes sense.  A pantheon

is a tapestry.  You can
leave no character behind
as you Weave, or

the picture will be holey,
and uneven.  You
will need to go back

to flesh out the scenes
you neglected.  Otherwise,
the Story will not dance,

-pulsing like an optical
illusion.  It was only a Matter
of Time, before Life

would ask Persephone
to sew her details-
piercing through the shroud

that covers her image.
The Priestess has been
a patient Serpent.

Not dead, just keeping
to herSelves, and thinking,
thinking All

this Time..."

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