THE MATH: (Vesta Rx & Saturn Rx Aquarius) = this Time?” Vesta sighs.


Vesta waits to be

judged, as Saturn

takes his seat

in the courtroom….

"What did I do
this Time?" Vesta sighs.
"You threw a book

into the Void, babe.
We don't do that,"
Saturn pounds

his gavel, gently.
"So what's my punishment?"
Vesta asks, wanting

to get on with it.
"I shall read to you,
aloud, from it,"

Saturn proclaims
as Vesta squirms,
"'Personal Mythology

p. 24: 'At the core
of a personal myth
is a central theme.  You

organize new experiences
around such themes.  The theme
serves as a template,

a bare motif,
a map, a skeleton
without flesh,' he pauses.

Vesta chimes in,
"I told you, Lilith is the myth.
She gave us the bones.

She makes the maps."
Remember the last Time
she was in Court, and she did

a gorgeous Jack Skellington
impression?" "Page 24 goes on to say,
'Your mythology can be

complimentary and contradictory,'"
Saturn adds.  "Sounds like
the Tao," Vesta drifts.

"Sounds like you,"
Saturn snaps back,
"page 24 also says,

'A personal mythology
provides a structure
that allows images

reflecting the culture's
diverse mythology to be
blended with the varied

impressions of daily
experience, and sculpted
into uniquely personal myths

by which you live.'"
Vesta sighs, "Yes, Saturn.
It would appear, Nothing

I do is original."

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