THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) INCONJUNCT (Vesta Rx + Aquarius) = being culled.”


Vesta and Persephone

meet up for tea…

 "I feel stuck," Vesta says
between sips, "but I can't stop

writing.  Everybody alWays
tells me, they don't

'get' the poetry."
Persephone shrugs, "We are

approaching a new tier
of global fluency in the astrological

language.  You are
a Blade, on the cutting edge-

like a scythe, making
a path through a ripe field."

"So in 30 years, the World
will finally 'get' me?

What if I cut off my ear
before then?" Vesta whines.

Persephone laughs, "No.
This is the Age of Air.

Minds are expanding
faster than that.  Give it

5 or 10.  The angst is just
the violence of creativity, V.

Remember, you are
the cutting Blade,

as Well as the Blade
being culled."

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