THE MATH: (Neptune Rx + Pisces) INCONJUNCT (Venus + Leo) = and wHere you start.


Neptune speaks to Astraea,

as their cubes drift further

apart, on the Dreaming


"No body can give 
you, everything.
You must assess

what it is you want,
and what you need,
and what you offer.  Love

people, for who
they are,
and they will Love

you, because you
didn't set them up
to succeed or fail

at the game of being
a part of things.  You didn't ask 
them to be crazy or sane.

Do this, and you will never fall
apart, because you know
wHere the Other ends,

and wHere you start.
And you've decided,
you will only be Loved

for who you are."

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