THE MATH: (Venus + Leo) INCONJUNCT (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = They let it flow


…Pluto takes Persephone

tubing, on the River Styx…

"Have you heard about this band,
Goose?" Mercury calls behind him.
Pluto whips around, and smiles

down on Persephone, close
to her.  "I'm not sure
what I think of them..." Mercury

trails, still trudging forward.
Persephone balances her inner
tube upon her head

as they walk downriver,
through a shallow section.
Grinning, she does not

meet Pluto's gaze, but she feels it
burning into her.  She shakes
her head slightly, as he nudges her.

Pluto turns his back to her,
in pregnant silence.
Lilith's myth falls,

unanswered on the hopping
stones, fuzzy buzzing
with a secret growing

between them.
They let it flow

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