THE MATH: (Saturn Rx + Vesta Rx CONJUNCT Aquarius) = a conduit between


Saturn continues

to torture Vesta

with literature…

"I think you are the inner
shaman, V," Saturn decides,
as he flips through the pages

of 'Personal Mythology',
"Not the counter myth-
That might be Persephone."

"What makes you say that?"
Vesta asks him, in a bored tone.
Saturn looks over the edge

of the book at her, "According to
these accounts, the inner
shaman shrugs a lot,

and says things like,
'Though the path be
Dark, the goal is Light.'"

"Yeah," V shrugs,
"That's true.. that sounds
like me.  What are the inner

shaman's responsibilities?"
"I'm so glad you asked,"
Saturn perks up, as he clears

his throat, "Page 40 says,
'The inner shaman
has 3 duties.

1: to maintain
a conduit between
the waking consciousness

of 'Ordinary Reality'
and the hidden reality
of 'Other Worlds.'"

"Sounds like THE MATH..."
V trails.  Saturn continues, "2:
to creativity and effectively bring

new circumstances into accord
with your guiding mythology."
Vesta nods, "THE WEAVE..."

"3," Saturn finishes, "to guide
the evolution of your existing
mythology."  Vesta says nothing.

Saturn waits, "...Come on,
no bites?"  Vesta stares
at him blankly.  He sighs,

"It's your davenport,
book clubs, and the beLoved
Queries."  "What if

you are the inner
shaman, beLoved?" Vesta queries
Saturn.  He furrows,

"I couldn't be," he shakes
his head, "You have been
 aLive, longer 

than me."  "Have I,
Lover-boy?" Vesta grins,
"I guess we will know,

once this book is through,
and I've been punished

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