THE MATH: (Venus + Leo) INCONJUNCT (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = brightly burning moment


Pluto and Persephone

seek out the Aurigid

meteor shower…

"I'm winning," Pluto says,
climbing back on top
of the roof of the car.

"Well, I've Seen more bats,"
Persephone parries as she lays
back.  "We're Here for

the meteors," Pluto reminds her.
"I am Here for this,"
Persephone says, spreading

her wings
under the milky Way,
"The Wind..." she whispers,

and takes a deep
breath, as she listens to it,
"This is alWays

happening, no Matter
what Time of Day
it is."  Pluto wraps

his arms around her
in the darkness, "5 to 1,"
he says, as he points to another

brightly burning moment,
"Still winning," he squeezes
her.  Persephone smiles,

"Well I have still
Seen more

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