THE MATH: (Venus ENTERS Virgo) = their meaning, the Way


Venus turns on the Light
in Vesta's Lighthouse.
The cupboards are covered
in cobwebs.  No One has been

home in over
a year.  She tinkers with
the trinkets, imagining
their meaning, the Way

you would in the attic
of a house that has stood
for many generations; Time
travelling talismans, collected

from the nether-regions
of Space and Sea depths.
Vesta never holds onto
anything, for too long.

She trades her trinkets,
or gives them a Way.
She picks them up,
and puts them down

again, rearranging
the continuum.  "Fucking
everything up," Venus whispers
critically.  She handles 'Strange

Victory,' opening it
at random, reading...

"In a Darkening Garden

Gather together, against
the coming of the Night,
All that we played

with Here, toys and fruits,
the quill from the Sea-bird's
flight, the small flute,

hollow and clear;
The apple that was not
eaten, the grapes

Let them be put aWay.
They served for us,

I would not have them
wasted, they lasted
out our Day.

~ Sara Teasdale"

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