THE MATH: GRAND AIR TRINE: (Mars Gemini + Mercury Libra + Moon Aquarius) = climbing a GXD


Mercury, Mars, and

Persephone, catch up

on a Zoom call…

"He's going to be
gone, as long
as he has been

with me," Persephone says.
"That's not that long,"
Mercury returns.  Persephone rolls

her eyes, " I know, but
I've fallen already.
And Now I'm All,

like, worried about him,
climbing a GXD
forsaken mountain in

a Mercury retrograde."  "Sure,"
Mercury rolls his eyes, "Let's All
blame me.  I've got broad shoulders,

I can handle it."  "So don't
let him go," Mars shrugs.
"WTF kind of Love is that?"

Mercury asks.  "The kind
that cares," Mars crosses
his arms, grumpily.  "The kind

that suffocates itSelf to Death,"
Persephone adds, "His alone
-ness makes him who he is, Mars.

I like who he is.  Besides,
I have gone years of my Life
alone, and without

him.  I do not need
him, but I want
him."  "But next Time,

he'll be gone for Moons,"
Mars protests, "Dusting you,
as Venus does me."  "So that's what

this is about, "Mercury smirks.
"I know," Persephone shrugs,
"I'm teaching him Lilith's hacks

for Life on the Road."  "Aren't you
All worried, he'll leave you forever?"
Mars digs in.  "If I try to cage him

like a Rainbow
Crow, he will definitely
leave me," Persephone says.

"We All die One Day," Mercury garnishes.
"Well, luckily, my boo rules
the Underworld," Persephone shrugs,

"Besides, the qualities that drew
me to him exist because
of the Self he has cultivated. 

If I squash them just to possess
him, he will not be the man
I've fallen for."  "And," Mercury grins,

"He won't be able to do that thing,
wHere he picks you up,
and tosses you All around,

like a rock in his hands."

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