THE MATH: (Saturn Rx + Vesta Rx CONJUNCT Aquarius) = King, and you are


"wHere is the Fisher King?"
Vesta demands as she busts
into the courtroom, after lunch

break.  "The who?" Saturn plays
dumb. "'The un-heal-able archetype
of inner places of suffering

and longing, who dips
into the subliminal
realms of the unconscious,'

-Richard Rohrs," Vesta quotes,
explaining, "-Grandmother encountered
supporting texts via kismet."

 "The King sounds like Chiron,"
Saturn shrugs, flipping
befuddled, through 'Personal

Mythology', "But I don't See
that character, in the structure, 
we are studying."

"Wrong book club, Saturn,"
Vesta pulls out, 'The Romance
of the Grail', and slaps it

on the Judge's table.
"We're talking quests.  It says
Here, the Perfect

Innocent -that's me-
must not know the rules
of the quest, to set out

and heal the fragmented Fisher
King's soul.  That's why everyOne
is alWays telling me what I am

already doing."  Saturn smiles,
"Yes.  I'm pretty sure Sunny planted
Chiron in the Earth last week,"

he checks his notes from the Library.
"wHere though?"  Vesta asks
him.  Saturn shakes his head,

"Beats me, Grail Maiden-
But hey, Grandmother's excerpts
from Richard Rohr's daily

meditations from the Center
for Action & Contemplation,
say, Parsifal's pitfall

is that he does not ask
the right questions.
He also says, 'Only sacred

psychology and mythology
are deep and true
enough to address the questions

of meaning and hope.'  So,
how can you shape a quest
-ion, towards what you are

truly seeking?"  "I'm seeking
the Fisher King," Vesta says flatly.
"You've got tunnel vision, V,"

Saturn calls back to her,
"You walk towards the Fisher
King, and you are

walking in the wrong direction."

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