THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) SQUARE (Chiron Rx + Aries) = issues, but maybe


…Lilith goes back

to family therapy, and screams

into the Void about it,

so loudly, Chiron can hear her

wHere he’s planted…

"People do not
want to know, they are
being handled!  If you

want to navigate conflict
successfully, don't
fucking patronize them!

If All you want to do
is manage them, at least do it
with discretion and finesse!

I shouldn't have
to tell the therapist that!
He knows my Daddy

issues, but maybe
he thinks I'm a fucking idiot!
"You didn't get what you needed

from your family," he says, as if
he's talking to a child!
Over and over again!  That

narrative is getting fucking stale!
No Doc, I didn't!  And quite
frankly, this shit drives me

up the fucking wall!
Why does my brother not
remember shoving me

against it, and yelling
in my face?!  Why
can my father not remember

a conversation from a year
ago?!  Why am I
the only One, who remembers

fucking anything painful?!  Why
am I Here?!  To be told
my reality is real, even though

no one shares it,
by a guy with a PhD,
while everyone looks at me

with their sad fucking eyes,
like I might break at any
moment?!  Y'all broke me

when you kicked me out
of the Garden, and Now I'll never
'come to heel'!

I don't need therapy
to be in touch with the pain
of individuation!  It's called

birth!  No thank you!
I nursed mySelves
back to Life, without any

of 'the things I needed',
and Now I'm my own fucking
physician!  So if All this is

about, is me voicing
what no One remembers,
so the Doc can pat me

with a gloved hand, like a feral
cat he's trying to rehabilitate,
I don't need therapy,

that's what I have writing for!"

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