THE MATH: (Mercury + Libra) SEXTILE (True Lilith + Leo) = Skywalker, Here to claim


Mercury assesses

Lilith’s birth chart…

"Your Moon is conjunct
the fixed Star
Thuban," Mercury says,

as he points to the Dragon
constellation.  "So what
does that mean?"

Lilith asks, over his shoulder.
"It means you have
Draconian lineage," Mercury

explains.  "So what you are
telling me is, I am
Reptilian," Lilith does not

sugar-coat it.  Mercury waves
his spirit fingers, "Think of it
like an ancestry chart. 

It's a percentage
of your DNA."  Lilith smiles,
"So I'm like a Sith Lord."

"Hopefully," Mercury guides,
"you are more like Lolita
Skywalker, Here to claim

your Power, for the Grayer Good."

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