THE MATH: (Juno + Moon CONJUNCT Pisces) = mysterious. Mass


…Arachne speaks…

"tHere is a paper me,
and a me who Lives
in person.  Do not

fall for paper
people.  A person
can be perfect, on

paper, but before you,
a page is flimsy,
and a little See-through.

My book is thick, and Dusty.
My density makes my paper
mysterious.  Mass

is magnetic.  The me
who Lives in person
retains this impression,

but is different from
the paper me.  In person, I
quietly flip through

your Word as you speak-
weaving webs, as your sayings
buzz, inside my own

paper meanings.  Lately,
people tell me they Love
my laugh, like an old woman's

knowing.  It is the paper me
who laughs, with too much
to say, so my person says


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