THE MATH: MYSTIC RECTANGLE: (Uranus + N.Node CONJUNCT Taurus) TRINE (Sun + Virgo) SEXTILE (S. Node + Scorpio) TRINE (Astraea + Juno CONJUNCT Pisces) = the Magick will begin


The Nymphs meet

up, in the Dark

of the Zodiac…

"Why is no One talking
about us?"  Destiny asks.
"They're talking about me,"
Fate smirks.  "I think

it's hard to See us, with All
the red pen, All over
the Zodiac," Arachne assesses,
"Relax, it will take them

Time.  As Sunny leaves
our arrangement, Venus will
step in, and that's when
the Magick will begin

to get really good, we'll be GOLFing."
"What?" Fate asks.  "GXDXSSXS Only,
Lads Forbidden," Arachne explains,
"Our rectangle will be composed,

of only the feminine.
Just let them
be confused, for Now."
"Not true," Destiny corrects,

"I've got Uranus riding my ass."
Arachne shrugs, "Uranus is more
than a Lad, and it can't hurt to have
a little extra electricity.  Besides,

he made us preferred members,
at his golf club.  And maybe he knows
wHere Keebir is- he can help us."
"Uhm, Arachne," Astraea softly suggest,

"Extra electricity definitely can hurt
someTimes.  It's called a forced
Kundalini awakening, and I'm not sure
I'm really ready, yet."  Sunny shines

on Astraea, "Don't be a pussy, babe."
"Sunny, get out of Here!"
Arachne shoves him a Way,
"We're trying to GOLF,"  "Okay,

okay, I'm going," Sunny says
as he saunters
out of the Mystic

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