THE MATH: (Vesta Rx + Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (True Lilith + Cancer) = between her lines.


…Vesta sends Lilith

a message, about memory…

"I was raised on cross
Word puzzles.  I am

told, this is how
you keep your mind

young.  Grandmother is
the proof.  She remembers

everything.  The curse:
She remembers everything,

and she watches her younger
sister, begin to fail

to recognize her.  Past 90,
I have better conversations

with her, than most people.
Images flash before her

eyes, telling her things
no One else can See.  She

wrote a book about the Word
puzzles, the GXDZ would give

her, while she meditated.
"I alWays meant it, as my legacy

for my grandchildren," she tells me.
Behind her back, on the beach,

they called it bland and vain.
How dare she have anything

to say, she believed to be
worth publishing.

It was for no One, but for me,
though we did not know it

then.  I highlighted every page.
To my face, they called me a suck

up, assuming insincerity.
They could not read

between her lines.
They are not Weavers."

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