THE MATH: YOD: (S. Node + Scoprio) INCONJUNCT (Chiron & Moon CONJUNCT Aries) INCONJUNCT (Mars Gemini) = like a shitshow, right Now,”


"Wow, the Sky looks
like a shitshow, right Now,"
Chiron remarks.

"I know right?" Moonie smiles,
"It looks like Arachne's 
birth chart."

"Maybe we should call her
in," Chiron suggests.  "We could use
her expertise."  "The Sky is doing

that thing wHere it shimmers
with inconjunctions,"
Moonie smiles, 

"You are a key
player, in the chaos, Fisher King."
"You know, I really do not

think, I am the Fisher
King," Chiron protests, "Yeah, yeah,
I'm wounded, w/e, so is Lilith.

She is like a wart
that just keeps growing
back," Chiron spits.

"Lilith is the Grail, Chiron,
endlessly overflowing.
She can't be the King,

and the Grail.  Besides
you are inconjunct with Fate,
it makes sense that you

can't see yourSelves, right Now."
He rolls his eyes, "I guess.
But what has Mars got

to do with All of this?"
"Mars is a Knight,
but he doesn't know

it yet," Moonie explains.
"Why do you get to know
everything?" Chiron sours.

"I keep us All
together, by making
my rounds.  I don't hold on

to anything, and I never
get to slow down.  If you want
to trade jobs, be my fucking

guest," Moonie darkens.
"No thanks," Chiron lilts,
"I'm good."  Moonie rolls

her eyes, "Of course you are."

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