No Math, just Weave

"I must say," Grandmother says,
"This path seems convoluted.
I don't know what to grab

onto.  What threads stuck out
to you?"  "Many of my characters are
Fools, like Parsifal," Vesta shrugs,

"And I too have been
the One, too pressured
by society, to ask the question

desired of me.  I wasted
years of my Life, isolated
in the Deserts of a secret.

And when I became ready
to ask, I was not welcome
to return to the castle.  I was told

the opportunity had crumbled."
"Why did you hesitate?"
Grandmother wonders at her.

"I wanted to protect the Fisher
King, from the answer
he would give me,

because I Loved him,
and that was not a Way
our society would easily

give us.  And so I quested
out, and made it difficult,
and he sickened."  "And so you

kept the joyous answer, Grail
Maiden," Grandmother calls.
Vetsa nods, "And so I gave it

to the Ocean Door."  "That sounds
like something 'per ce val',
would do- meaning, 'through

the middle'," Grandmother whispers.

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