THE MATH: (Chiron Rx + Aries) SQUARE (True Lilith + Cancer) = Your Soul. You could swallow


…Lilikoi walks up the steps

to Chiron’s sand castle.

He greets her…

"When you give someOne
your secrets, and they
use them, to hurt you,
that's your own

problem.  They are
showing you, who
they are.  Trust it.
You could defend

yourSelves.  You could
give them what they want,
which is more
communication.  You could

feed the hungry
ghosts.  And it's fine,
so long as you know
what it costs you:

Your Soul.  You could swallow
the poison, in tiny
increments, and become
immune.  You could

turn yourSelves
to anti-venom,
and you could heal
forever.  You could

turn to the hungry
ghost, and ask,
"Tell me, Fisher
King, what is

your sorrow?"

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