THE MATH: (Venus + Virgo) SQUARE (Mars + Gemini) = complex, and born


Venus calls Mars

from the Library.

He doesn’t pick up

because he’s pissed at her.

She leaves a message…

"This isn't about making
sense.  Mars in
Gemini is a smattering,

like a splatter of blood,
 or paint.  A Rorschach:
collecting thoughts

creating roaring
ideas.  Gather them.
This Way only begins

to make shapes
once you've reached
the third spiral

of the staircase, and by
then, you've got
a book list, ten

volumes high, and leaflets
trailing.  Start
them All, and good

Luck finishing.  Don't worry
about the pattern
yet.  It is

a Dynamic System-
complex, and born
from Chaos."

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