THE MATH: (Mars + Gemini) SEMISEXTILE (N. Node + Uranus Rx CONJUNCT Taurus) = center of the anus


"Something is wrong.
She's passed out!"
Mars shouts, clutching
Destiny, in

his arms.  She has two
microscopic puncture wounds,
on her inner thigh,
like a very tiny vampire

bit her.  Mars feels
her Heart-beat, faint
as a weak slither.
"I think Keebir

sucked her dry,"
Mars whispers, "What do
we do, Dr?" he looks up
at Uranus, desperately,

from wHere he sits,
Destiny in his arms,
like a dying doe
on the golf green.

"We must arouse
the Kundalini!" Uranus proclaims
pulling out, 'The Inner
Reaches of Outer Space,'

from his back pocket.
"You just carry that around
with you?" Mars asks him.
Uranus shrugs, "I like to

read while I putt around,
and internally judge people.
Joseph Campbell says,"
Uranus points to the book,

"That RamaKrishna says,
your inner 23-year-old
must touch the petals
of the lotus flower

with his tongue,
beginning with the Energy
center of the anus,
to awaken them,"

Uranus looks up,
"Ass to mouth,
that's what I alWays say,"
he slaps Mars on

the back, "You
need to give Destiny
a rim-job."  Mars reddens,
perplexed, "But I've never

given a rim-job,
I'm an amateur.
You should do it."
"I can't," Uranus tosses

the book over his shoulder,
"I'm not 23.  Besides, Mars,
the 1st Time is so
exciting.  Pretty soon,

you'll be running around,
licking All the GXDXSSXS
on, All nonchalant, like
you're a big deal.  In fact,

I hear tHere is this Mystic
Rectangle in formation,
that could benefit
from your services."

Mars looks up at Uranus,
and back down at Destiny,
growing paler by the moment.
"Come on Mars," Uranus

whispers, "Be a Hero." 

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