THE MATH: (Ceres + Leo) INCONJUNCT (Pluto Rx + Capricorn) = might that be, sweet


Persephone and Pluto


"Hell looks like a haunted
Victorian house, with a Fire

place in every bedroom,"
Pluto describes it to Persephone.

"Sounds nice," she sighs, "Heaven
looks like 40 acres of land,

like The Ocean at the End
of the Lane.  I don't want to go

back to Heaven," Persephone states.
"I don't want to go back

to Hell," Pluto admits.
"What if I come

with you?"  Persephone nudges
Pluto, behind the ear, with her

nose.  "OK," Pluto immediately
relents, with a smile and a squeeze.

"I'll go with you to Hell,"
Persephone whispers, "under

One condition."  "And what
might that be, sweet

-Heart?" Pluto wonders.
"You have to come with me

to Heaven," Persephone tells him.
"Deal," Pluto grips her

tightly, and seals it
with a kiss.

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