THE MATH: (White Moon ENTERS Pisces) = the Thunder strikes- surrendered


Selena Speaks

as she is pulled into

the Dreaming Sea…

"An artist does not
depend on a schedule.

Creativity does not
run by your system.

Be brave enough, to let
inspiration slip a Way,

not knowing if it will
return.  It alWays

comes back, like pudding
to the hospital bed;

A sweet treat, when
you think you might be

dead;  A rat's fortune
administered at random,

in a maze.  You can keep
hitting the lever, routinely,

if the routine helps you
sleep.  But an Artist does not

depend on a schedule.
An artist gives themSelves 

to the Lightning, when
the Thunder strikes- surrendered

to a mania, like a tidal
wave.  A writer can maybe

swim on a schedule,
surfing their own words

in consistent increments,
to eventually create some

kind of sense, be it non-
sense, or an over-arching

pattern.  Build your
labyrinth, and you

will eventually find
your Way to the pudding,

but you do not need
 a routine, to devour it."

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