THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (S. Node + Scorpio) = to begin with,” Fate answers.


…Lilith calls Fate…

"I'm trying not to be
too heavy," Lilith sighs

into the receiver.  "That
would be like an anchor

trying to become
an earring,"  Fate calls

back to her, "Don't pretend,
you'll rip someOne's lobe

out."  "But people only
like the Light," Lilith protests.

"People like their dingy
to be secure, Lilitu. 'Heavy

is the root of the Light',
little Lilikoi.  SomeOne

has got to hold it
down," Fate corrects her.

"But I'll lose
Love," Lilith whispers.

"Then you never had it
to begin with," Fate answers.

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