THE MATH: (Saturn Rx + Vesta CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus Rx + Taurus) = your token, like so.’”


Vesta plays judge,

while Time-Daddy takes

the stand, for a change…

"Uranus, beLoved, would you
please explain how

you have come to this
claim, that you and the defendant

are legally married?"
Vesta asks the accuser.

U begins, "He put a hair-tie
on my right ring-finger,

and he told me,
'It's the wrong One.'

I said, 'for you,
maybe, but not

for me.  It depends
on Whether

you are right or left
-handed.  I store

my second in command
phalanges, Here.  It will

be better, when
you are ready

to marry me, to place
your token, like so.'"

Vesta purses her lips,
"That does not

exactly constitute,
and agreement, Sky Daddy,"

V whispers to U.  He leans
forward, "Yeah, Well, Time

Daddy never removed it,
Thunder, Perfect Mind."

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