THE MATH: (Mercury Rx + Virgo) OPPOSITE (Neptune Rx + Pisces) = weight the Word we are


Mercury writes Neptune

another Letter…

"To do what
you say you are
going to do brings

a satisfaction, not
only to you, but to those
you make promises

to- even if
you are stood up.
"I didn't hear

from you, so I 
assumed something
had come up."

That is the age
we live in.  You say,
"I'll See you

at the coffee shop,"
but nobody believes
you, without

triple checking to make
sure you're showing up.
We make half

-assed agreements,
to be wHere we say
we are going to be,

just to cancel, last
minute, because we don't
weight the Word we are

giving.  To do what
you say you are going
to do, in an age

wHere Word does not
mean much, earns
you trust.  Even

if you are stood up."

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