THE MATH: (Sun + Venus CONJUNCT Libra) = I move the Way


Venus tails Sunny

through the Ballroom

at the Masquerade…

"Get off my ass," Sunny spits
over his shoulder, from under
-neath his mask.

"I can't," Venus shrugs
 "We are like this, All Libra
Season- ass to mouth

on the dance floor.
And then, we enter
Scorpio at the same

Time, and Moonie
joins us for a sultry
threesome on the Solar

Eclipse.  And then,
she Dust us.  And then,
I Dust you."

Sunny sighs, "Hasn't anyOne
told you yet,
it is impolite to tell

a being their future
without consent."
Venus nods, "Yes, but

I am the Queen.
I move the Way
I want to."

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