THE MATH: (Saturn Rx + Vesta CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus Rx + N. Node CONJUNCT Taurus) = indeed- starving


Vesta pounds

Saturn’s tiny gavel…

"Defend yourSelves, Time-Daddy,"
V demands, "What do you
have to say, to your lawfully

wedded husband?" Saturn
sighs, and speaks, "Appreciate
people, when they give

you their Time.
If you find yourSelves
hungry for more

Time, while blind
to the feast before you,
you are very poor

indeed- starving
while you glut yourSelves.
What would be

enough for you, to enjoy
the food you eat,
without hankering after

your next meal?
It wasn't a big deal.
That's the last Time

I'm buying you a burger."

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