THE MATH: (Chiron Rx + Aries) SQUARE (Mean Lilith + Pallas Athene CONJUNCT Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Vesta + Saturn Rx SEPARATE Aquarius) = You are Lilitu,”


Athena and Lilith bust in
to the Courthouse, to rescue
Vesta from Saturn.  They toss her

into Road Rage like a sack
of potatoes.  Chiron
revs the engine.  Lilith blows

Saturn a kiss, gazing
at him, down her revolver,
engraved with the title, 'B.B. Gun'.  

She whispers, "See you later,
Loverboy."  Once the nymphs
are safely in the bed

of 'Rage, Chiron burns rubber
a Way.  Lilith hands Vesta
a pen and a pad,

and some tough Love...

"Without the Story,
everyOne dies!
The Story keeps

ourSelves alive!
So keep
scrawling, Scribbler!

Or I'm kicking you in
the vagus nerve yet!
You think you feel

mentally unWell
Now?  Just wait.
Don't create.

I dare you."
Vesta sighs, and grabs
the pen, "You really are

a lovable little
egomaniac aren't you,
Lilikoi?"  "I'm saving you,"

Lilith scoffs.  Vesta looks
at Athena, a complicit
witness, to the kidnapping.

Athena appears unconvinced
of this, and a little
frightened.  V turns

back to Lilith,
"Of course.
You are Lilitu,"

Vesta says.  Lilith nudges 
her, "Write it down,
for proof."

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