THE MATH: T-SQUARE: (Sun + Venus CONJUNCT Libra) OPPOSITE (Chiron Rx + Aries) SQUARE (Lilith + Athena CONJUNCT Cancer) = “To the Ball!” Lilith shouts,


The kidnapping continues…

"So, wHere to?" Chiron calls
back through the 'Rage cab
window, to the Nymphs.
"To the Ball!"  Lilith shouts,

with a finger pointing
to the Starry Sky,
the other hand still
on her B.B. Gun.

"No thanks," Chiron lilts.
Lilith points her revolver
at him, "I am not
asking, Chiron."

She reaches through
the window, and grabs
the steering wheel, veering
for the freeWay exit.

Athena wipes sweat
from her brow, watching
Lilith break several
traffic laws, "But

we don't have costumes,"
Athena tries to back up
 Chiron.  "Sure
we do," Lilith shrugs,

tossing a pair of masks
with ears back to V
and Athena.  She pulls One
over her own eyes, "We're being

sexy cats, this year."

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