THE MATH: GRAND AIR TRINE: (Sun + Venus CONJUNCT Libra) TRINE (Mars + Moon CONJUNCT Gemini) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius) = I have a penis,” Mars whines.


Moonie smuggles Mars

into the Masquerade…

"Why is this party
only full of white
people?" Mars whispers.

"It's a contra-
dance," V answers behind
him, from beneath her sexy

kitten mask, "Otherwise
known, as a hill-billy
renaissance ball."  "It's sexist,

that they expect me
to lead, just because
I have a penis," Mars whines.

"Lucky for you, I am
a switch," Vesta nods,
grabbing Mars by the hand,

"Here to take
the Lead, per usual. 
All you have

to do, is keep
yourSelves loose, and let
me guide you.  If

you fight me,
you ruin the fun
for both of us."

"That's what he said,"
Mars smirks.  "Exactly,"
V says flatly, and spins

Mars around, "Welcome
to the Feminine, and being
the butt of a rape joke.

Let yourSelves be
like a feather
on the Wind.  I push

and pull you wHere
I need you.  All
you have to do

is subtly listen
to my touch, anticipate
my every move, and do not

drift."  "That sounds
complicated," Mars furrows.
"Yes," V says, "They call it,

'being receptive.'
You must make it
look effortless."


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